Why The Michael Blum Show?

Free internet coverage for your business is always included in our advertising packages. Live broadcasts end, but internet coverage doesn't. Your sponsorship includes a banner ad to your website from ours. In addition, all archived shows have your commercials in them. They will be heard over and over again to increase the effectiveness of your advertising package. 

The Michael Blum Show has a listener base of 25,000 people at any given time.There is no other cost effective way to get your message out to so many people at the same time. The show has approximately 1000 followers on Facebook and Twitter. 

Michael will call and meet with every sponsor to insure that they get the type of personal promotions that they deserve.

We pay all the costs for your production. Either you or Michael can come to our studios and create your commercial ad.

Michael's website will host an ad that links to your website, bringing traffic to your business or service company.

This is an introductory offer that will remain in effect for new sponsors for a five year period. Compare our costs with others and you will see why this offer is one that can't be beat!


Advertising Package

We have a very simple approach to our advertising. There is only one advertising package with a few

add-ons, if you so desire. There is no contract. We charge your card for the initial three month period, then on a monthly basis. After the three month period, you can cancel by writing or emailing us. We will then confirm the cancellation. As long as you cancel before the start of the next month, you will not be charged and we will consider the account closed.

The cost to you for this advertising plan is $250.00 per month. You will be billed by our parent company,

Reality Radio Productions, LLC.

If you have any question, feel free to call us at 800-524-8040.


In Studio Interview

Join us "on the air" for a 20 minute segment with our hosts and we can discuss what 

your business actually has to offer.

Your fee is $75.00 per interview.

On Location Ads

Rather than produce your ad in our studio, 

we will come to your place of business and do the commercial there. There is a one 

time $225.00 fee for this service, in addition 

to your standard monthly rate.

Alternatively we can do a simple video 

shoot at your place of work. The difference 

is the video obviously can't be heard via the radio. Your video will be listed on our 

website as a blog, and on our sponsors page. 

Our Affiliate Program

Want to expand your radio reach? For an addition $50.00 per month we can place 

your commercial on one of our other shows that play in a different market. You can be heard in more places. 

Sponsor a Segment

You can join us for an ongoing 5 minute report that "airs" on every show at a specific time. 

This add-on is $100.00 per month.