What United States?

March 25, 2016

What happened to the USA? Where did we go so off course? When someone says "the government" they think of the Federal Government. That was never supposed to be the case. This country is made up of United States. The education of someone growing up in a ghetto in Chicago can't be the same as someone growing up on a farm in Iowa. Notwithstanding the usual reading, writing, and arithmetic, Individual needs are best handled by the localities in question. A bureaucracy run by basically uninvolved politicians doesn't cut it. A federal government as large as ours cannot dictate what is best for everyone in this country with any true level of success .


First, we the people are in charge, not the people we elect. Those officials work for us, not the other way around. Since they have bankrupted our society, both financially and ethically, they should be removed from office. During the next election I suggest you do not vote for anyone on any ticket that has been in office more than 8 years. They are part of the problem. Look at the people the "establishment" has given to us as a choice of potential presidentail nominees.


Hillary Clinton, a psychopatic liar, panderer, architect of the current problems with ISIS and the largest know political hack in the world.

Bernie Sanders: A 74 year old communist.

Donald Trump, a bloviating billionaire, and

Ted Cruz, a conservative ideologue junior senator (sound familiar) despised by his own party who is as to the right as Obama is to the left. Slim pickings.


I was born into the "sticks and stone" generation. Actions speak louder than words, talk is cheap,etc....but words do have a meaning. Here is a video explaining how words can take meaning if you know what the words mean. 







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What United States?

March 25, 2016

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