Ferguson after the shooting of Michael Brown

August 20, 2014

The details surrounding the shooting of Michael Brown are first coming to light.....maybe. Today it's hard to hear or see the truth. It's a white cop that hates black folk and shoots them without any common sense of the situation, or  it's a thug that just committed a felony that was stopped by a cop. You decide, and it's ok to change your opinion as "facts" unfold.


How the Ferguson community reacts to these unfortunate events is a completely different matter. 


After a brief discussion about Ferguson on The Michael Blum Show we played a video of someone's opinion about the reaction to the Michael Brown shootings. We then were deluged with calls asking us for the youtube address of the video. 


I'm now compelled to post this video due to the reaction of our audience. Let me know what you think.



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