Where's Israel?

March 25, 2014

I don't know if I would negotiate peace agreements with countries that do not recognize my existence. Israel has already given up land for peace. Now that land is used as a shooting gallery against Israel by Hezbollah. Land for peace is an apples and orange statement. You can never barter a concept for something physical. Land for oil makes more sense than land for peace.  Peace for recognition makes more sense. Unfortunately, I don't think peace is actually what the Palestinians want. They want no Israel.


If you take a look at the globe on this post, you will see something missing. Israel does not appear on this globe, instead, Palestine is listed. There is no country called Palestine. These globes were sold by Targets stores a few years ago until complaints made Target remove this item from their shelves.


It seems different globes are made so they can sell them to various countries that don't believe Israel exists. Remember The King and I, where Siam was the biggest place on the map?  In today's world it is easier to appease people and countries than state the truth. After all, we wouldn't want the truth to upset anyone.


British Airways does not put Israel on their tracking maps when they fly to the Middle East. Mercedes-Benz does not include Israel on the map that lists service areas worldwide. Neither does BMW. Scholastics Magazine has no mention of Israel on maps, when the magazines are going to certain countries. I guess the truth has no place for Scholastic Magazine when the possibility of losing revenue occurs. They need money not Israel.


When people decide that life is more important that death, then maybe you will see peace start. Check out Snopes for some more info.

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