Why Immigration Now?

March 18, 2014

If my household is struggling in deep financial deficits and I’m borrowing money to keep afloat, the last thing I need is another mouth to feed. If I get someone to rent a room or two maybe I can stay afloat. These renters will obviously need some skills and jobs if they intend on staying with me. That is their method of producing an income. What I don’t want is a leach that sponges off me and has no way of improving themselves. When the economy was doing better I could afford to help more people because I had the money and desire to do so. Now I just have the desire but with no money, I can’t do much.Let’s now look at the United States. Sixteen trillion in debt, with a president that wants to raise the debt limit so we can spend even more. We now have the greatest number of people on public assistance than ever before, along with threats of closing down the government. Our enemies can enter our porous borders whenever they choose, while people who wish to enter legally wait for years to do so.Is this really the time to allow any immigration to this country? Who is going to cover this expense? If we put this immigration reform to a popular vote would the majority of Americans want this added burden at this time?Common sense would dictate some changes in our immigration law. Common sense would say illegals are just that and should leave the United States, but that won’t happen. Common sense would say that people who knowingly employ illegals should be held criminally responsible for this action, but that wont happen. Common sense would say that illegals that perpetrate crimes in this country should be deported immediately, but that wont happen. There is no common sense in government because that would limit governments ability to usurp as much money and power for their own use as possible. Instead our government continues to ignore current law and past promises to secure our border in lieu of creating a new and bigger bureaucracy.This is another example of passing mammoth governmental projects without any infrastructure to support itself. It’s like importing customers for a restaurant, however, the restaurant hasn’t been built yet. Just let them in and we’ll deal with everything else later.Immigration is an issue that must be addressed, but political hacks are controlling this endeavor without any forethought about the ramifications of what they do. The Democrats want immigration now so they can create a permanent underclass that will forever be beholding to big government, and Republican’s want it because they wrongly feel that this will help them with the “Hispanic Vote’. Both sides could care less about people. It’s all politics. The social statists in power know the current population of the US will never allow them to fulfill their dream of a social/fascist/communistic government, so they are attempting to import a new population in to the US.The Republican party is using this as a vehicle to move their worthless social agenda forward. They are right now the party of nothing and will grasp anything that will, in their mind’s eyes, move them forward. What a group.Here are some common sense things that the government won’t entertain.1) Change the definition of a citizen to read: A citizen of the United States is a person who is born in the United States or other territory, who has at least one parent who is already a legal citizen of the United States. No more dump and pump.2) Any illegal alien found guilty of committing a violent crime is to be deported immediately and loses all future ability to immigrate to this country.3) Hone down the legal process so people who wish to immigrate can do so without waiting for years.4) Bring back quotas and profile people who enter so we can pick people who will be productive rather than leach off this once great nation.There is obviously more to the problem than what I’ve outlined. Will this government stop using people for their own political endeavors, or will we all be continually subject to an ineffective government that is a parasite onto the rest of its populace and the world at large? What do you think? Do you think?

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