March 25, 2016

What happened to the USA? Where did we go so off course? When someone says "the government" they think of the Federal Government. That was never supposed to be the case. This country is made up of United States. The education of someone growing up in a ghetto in Chicag...

January 6, 2016

Those evil rich white Republicans have it all....don't they. They are out of touch with "the people".

The Clinton's were broke when they left office....really? Hillary got shot at when she visited troops abroad...not at all true.


Very often we have our own ideas and the...

November 13, 2015

A few weeks ago I said that The USA was not a great country. A woman who was irate with that statement called in and said that this is the greatest country in the world, how dare I diminish what the USA means, etc...


Unfortunately, the new American Dream is going to be...

March 4, 2015

With all the hate in the world sometimes we lose track of what we are and how beautiful human beings can be. The people that seek to divide and conquer want to subjugate you. Let me know if you think this video shows something that is possible to achieve.



February 9, 2015

What's old is new again. Welcome to the thirties, pre Hitler days. The last few weeks have been eye opening in how Europe is treating their Jewish population. Jews are not safe in France, and are leaving in droves. 3500 Jews left France is 2013, 7000 in 2014, and this...

November 14, 2014

Sometimes a video blog will speak for itself. Here are two videos about stupid Americans, one rather serious, the other just pathetically funny.


September 7, 2014

This guy knows what is going on. Listen to what he says. Share this so people wake up.


Although this video is a bit long, if under 9 minutes is long for you, he is well worth the listen.



September 6, 2014

This is a very eerie small video of President George Bush describing what might happen if the U.S.A. left Iraq prematurely.  Personally I disliked Bush as a leader, but this video from 2007 is 100% correct.



August 20, 2014

The details surrounding the shooting of Michael Brown are first coming to light.....maybe. Today it's hard to hear or see the truth. It's a white cop that hates black folk and shoots them without any common sense of the situation, or  it's a thug that just committed a...

July 31, 2014







1. Afghanistan Extreme radical Fundamentalist Muslim terrorist groups & non-Muslim Osama bin Laden heads a terrorist group called Al Quada (The Source) whose headquarters were in Afgh...

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What United States?

March 25, 2016

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