Dr. Michael Blum

Dr. Janne Lomasky


Mr. Lawrence Lustbader

Dr.Michael Blum is a doctor of dentistry. He owns and operates the Centre for the Dental Arts in downtown Fort Lauderdale. He has been in practice since 1987. In addition to his doctorate, he has an undergraduate degree in Music, and a Masters Degree in Special Education.He has performed with the Spinners and The Four Tops and has had many musical compositions published. His tastes in music run from modern classical composers to the composers of heavy funk music. As a teacher, he taught neurologically and emotionally handicapped children for the City of New York. He has also been on the faculty of the City University of New York and Broward County Community College. He is a past president of the Broward County Dental Research group. An international lecturer on patient/doctor communication, he has also been published on this topic.

Dr. Lomasky is a licensed psychologist dedicated to helping you improve your quality of life. Her expertice allows her to resolve psychological difficulties people have with specific situations and find solutions that lead to a happier and more fulfilled life. She gives her patients invaluable tools so they can overcome their unique set of challenges. She facilitates good self-esteem and empowers you to achieve your highest sense of self-confidence and self-worth. This process will have you overcome the barriers that brought you into therapy to feel in control of your life.

She specialtizes in hypnotherapy, relationships, divorce, self-esteem, stress-management, depression and anxiety. She has authored the book "To Stay Or Not To Stay".

Mr. Larry Lustbader was born into this world on December 4, 1953. His intellect always made it difficult for him to sit in a classroom and be educated. He was self educated at a time when most people would never entertain the thought. An obvious avid reader and learner, Larry is an expert on alternative medicine, ozone application, and organic foods.

During the course of events in Larry's formative years, he gained the friendship of a man named Prem Rawat. Prem has helped Larry with a method and technique to help people find what they are looking for within themselves.

His goal in life is to be nearer, dearer, and clearer about the one who put us here to find peace and help others find peace.